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User – a natural or legal person or an administrative unit without the status of a legal person with legal capacity who places orders at the online handbag warehouse hurt.arwena.com for the business they operate and not their own use.

e-warehouse / hurt@arwena.com – the online handbag warehouse ARWENA ON-LINE Andrzej Kaczor.

§ 1. General Information

1.1. The following terms apply to the online warehouse with its seat in:www.hurt.arwena.com.
1.2. Hurt.arwena.com is managed by the 'ARWENA ON-LINE' trade and service company, the owner of which is Andrzej Kaczor.

The company's registered office is at Str. Płk. Dąbka 22,

Kraków (30-732), Poland.

VAT Identification Number: PL 675 126 67 82.

REGON: Statistical number 356375655.

§ 2. Registration with the e-warehouse

2.1. A user of hurt.arwena.com can only be a person who has their own business and an active account at hurt.arwena.com.
2.2. In order to register, you have to fill in the registration form available on the main page: hurt.arwena.com.
2.3. The registration form has to be filled in accurately and completely with the user's/user's company's data.
2.4. After registration, the user can see the products' prices and place orders on the website.
2.5. Should any data required in the registration form change after registration, the user is obliged to update the data in their account.
2.6. The user's account is personal and cannot be made accessible to others.
2.7. The user's account is active for 30 days from registration/from the last purchase.

§ 3 Placing and Processing an Order

3.1. Only registered and active users of www.hurt.arwena.com can place an order.
3.2. Hurt.arwena.com accepts only wholesale orders (min. 5 items of min. charge PLN 300 net).
3.3. If the order's total value exceeds PLN 2,000, the user is given a discount of 5%.
3.4. If the user orders a whole carton of a given model, the 'carton sale' discount applies.
3.5. The above discounts (see point 3.3 and 3.4) cannot be combined.
3.6. The orders can be placed via the online form at www.hurt.arwena.com or by e-mail (hurt@arwena.com).
3.7. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, throughout the whole year.
3.8. Orders placed after 2 p.m. during working days, on Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays are processed the following working day.
3.9. The placement of an order via the online form is automatically followed by a system- generated order confirmation message sent to the user's e-mail specified in the registration form.
3.10. The e-warehouse staff verifies every order and sends the user information concerning the availability of the ordered goods.
3.11. After the user has accepted the final version of the order, it is dispatched by courier with a VAT invoice and all the documents required for transportation.
3.12. The user consents to having their personal data used for the processing an order or conduct of advertising activities at hurt.arwena.com.
3.13. By placing an order at hurt.arwena.com, you automatically agree with the conditions of use.
3.14. The content of the hurt.arwena.com website may differ from that of the physical warehouse.

3.15. Product patterns and colours visible in pictures may differ slightly from what they really are.

§ 4 Returns and Refunds

4.1. Purchased goods can be returned if they do not match the order placed by the user.
4.2. The user's complaints are resolved with the application of provisions of the Civil Code and, in some cases, of the courier company's terms (see point 5.11).
4.3. A customer complaint is accepted only when the complaint and receipt have been submitted.
4.4. A customer complaint is defined as a complaint submitted by a customer to the user who forwards it to hurt.arwena.com.
4.5. A customer complaint is resolved with the application of provisions of the consumer sale special conditions and the actualisation of the Civil Code from 27th July 2002.
4.6. To submit a complaint, the user is asked to contact the customer service centre by e-mail (hurt@arwena.com).
4.7. Faulty goods should be sent to the company's mailing address (ul. Płk. Dąbka 22, 30-732 Kraków). The delivery costs are covered by the user.
4.8. Faulty goods sent without prior consultation cannot be processed.
4.9. Within 14 days after the goods have been received by hurt.arwena.com, the user is informed about the outcome of a complaint.
4.10. If a complaint is found justified, the faulty goods are repaired or replaced with goods of equal value. If this is not possible (e.g. due to a lack of the availability of the goods), hurt@arwena.com subtracts the price of the faulty goods from the next order or offers the user other goods available at hurt.arwena.com.
4.11. The subject of a resolved complaint (a repaired or replaced product) will be sent to the user with their next order.
4.12. Complaints are subject only to latent defects resulting from the fault of the manufacturer.
4.13. Hurt.arwena.com does not accept the return of purchased goods.

§ 5. Payment and shipment

5.1. The prices of the goods available in our shop are net PLN prices.
5.2. The appropriate VAT (depending on the invoice – 0% and 23% VAT rates) should be added to the prices.
5.3. Users with a European VAT Identification Number can receive an invoice with a 0% VAT rate (and is obliged to pay the tax in their own country) or with a 23% VAT rate (the tax is paid in Poland).
5.4. Users who do not have a European VAT Identification Number receive a 23% VAT rate invoice.
5.5. Hurt.arwena.com accepts payment only in PLN and EUR.
5.6. Hurt.arwena.com only accepts payment by bank transfers.
5.7. Hurt.arwena.com delivers goods by a courier company 'GLS'.
5.8. The delivery costs are added to the costs of the order.
5.9. Delivery costs to the chosen countries can be seen in the following table:

Upon request, hurt.arwena.com can specify delivery costs to countries not included in the above table.


PRICE (net)



92,00 PLN

4 days

Czech Republic

26,00 PLN

2 days


83,00 PLN

3 days


99,00 PLN

4 days


72,00 PLN

2 days


72,00 PLN

2 days


32,00 PLN

2 days


32,00 PLN

2 days


32,00 PLN

2 days

United Kingdom

69,00 PLN

2 days

5.10. The order is dispatched after the payment has been registered with the bank account at
Alior Bank 21 2490 0005 0000 4500 5048 2486 (PLN)or at
Alior Bank 16 2490 0005 0000 4600 1646 4821 (EUR)

5.11. The user should verify whether the contents of the package reflect their order in the presence of the courier. If this is not the case, a report should be drawn up. This report is the basis of the complaint process. A complaint is investigated according to the terms of the courier company.

§ 6 Privacy Policy

6.1. By registering, placing an order or logging in, the user consents to having their personal data requested in the registration form processed under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act from 29th August 1997, art. 23, par. 1, points 2 and 3.
Personal and address data obtained during registration are stored in the hurt.arwena.com database and are utilised to process orders, remain in contact with the user and conduct advertising activities at hurt.arwena.com.
Following the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, the user can monitor and modify their personal data by means of a form available in the options of the user's account.
Following the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, the user can prevent their personal data from being further processed by means of written notification.
6.2. A user's data is of a confidential nature, and no third party, company or organisation apart from hurt.arwena.com can access it.


§ 7 The Right of Property

7.1. Hurt.arwena.com is managed by the 'ARWENA ON-LINE' trade and service company, the owner of which is Andrzej Kaczor.
The company has been registered at ul. Płk. Dąbka 22 in Kraków, Poland. VAT Identification Number: PL 675 126 67 82. REGON: Statistical number 356375655.
7.2. All rights to the entire content of the ARWENA ON-LINE Andrzej Kaczor warehouse available at the www.hurt.arwena.com website (such as the ARWENA ON-LINE handbag warehouse's logotype, pictures, texts, graphics, animations and symbols) are reserved for ARWENA ON-LINE Andrzej Kaczor a with its seat in Kraków at ul. Płk. Dąbka 22. No part of this website may be copied, linked or modified without the prior consent of its owner.
7.3. The user may be granted the right to materials (pictures) upon request.

§ 8 Final Resolutions

8.1. Hurt.arwena.com has the right to change prices, introduce new goods and withdraw other goods presented in the website without providing a reason.
8.2. Hurt.arwena.com has the right to suspend its activity temporarily.
8.3. Hurt.arwena.com has the right to conduct, end and modify advertising activities in the e-warehouse websites.
8.4. Hurt.arwena.com is not responsible for any orders placed by other persons using the account and password of the user.
8.5. Any disputes that may arise during transactions taking place in the online hurt.arwena.com shop will be resolved by binding arbitration. Should this not be possible, any conflict will be resolved in a relevant court.
8.6. The material presented at hurt.arwena.com is not a valid commercial offer at the time of its availability on the Internet.
8.7. Hurt.arwena.com is an online handbag warehouse available at www.hurt.arwena.com.
8.8. Hurt.arwena.com ships fancy goods, mainly women's handbags.